All Hail the Weekend Warrior!

It’s summer, and you know what that means. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, people are getting injured… That’s right I said it – many of you are getting injured. I know because I see the aftermath. Summertime injuries fall into many categories, but I don’t treat all of them. For example, I […]

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Every day I’m Shoveling…

Remember the good old days? When snow in the forecast meant wearing your pajamas inside out and getting up early to hear those magical words come over the radio – your school district is closed. Yipee! Since I’m older now and have graduated to the get off my lawn community, snow means one thing – […]

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They’re Here…

My house is haunted. Well, maybe not my house, but the giant bags of Halloween candy my wife hid in the hall closet are. Putting them out of sight didn’t help much, their spectral whispers still find me wherever I am. “We’re here….” “We are so delicious. Just have one. Or ten. Don’t wait for […]

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All about…Backpack! Backpack!

That was a test, if you sang the Dora jingle in your head that means you have kids and this applies to you. I’ve been fielding several questions about backpacks recently- but I refuse to post anything school-related before September. That is where I draw the line.   If you were a child of the […]

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